The Obagi Skin Care System is the “gold standard” in anti-aging skin care. It was developed by Dr. Obagi years ago aide skin cancer patients and as many great skin care products do, it was discovered that it had wonderful anti-aging properties for even the healthiest patients, making a turn around in aged skin, possible. Many patients have been pure Obagi believers for years and wouldn’t dream of changing. Maybe it’s time to explore a new you too!

Obagi Foaming Gel is always top seller. The foaming bubbles work into a nice, rich lather getting your skin squeaky clean.

Obagi Toner- A swipe with a cotton ball and the stage is set for products to follow that produce wonderful, deep down changes in your skin. The pH balancer in this special toner make it ideal for advancing true corrective skin care.

Clear- The name says it all. Clear as clear can be with this combination of prescription strength hydroquinone. This active medicine quiets hyperactive pigment cells down. Go away dark spots! You look so much younger without them.

Exfoderm – Boost the old dead and dark skin cells right off your face. Leaving you with fresh young skin cells to take care of. Who said you can’t get second chances at beautiful, young skin?

Blender- This wonderful cream when “Blended with Tretinoin” (Retin-A) exfoliates and reveals new fresh cells. Together with Retina-A you will be diminished fine lines and wrinkles by boosting your own natural collagen production.

Obagi SPF 35- The perfect sun protection for all of the fresh skin you have unveiled. The combination of physical barriers, ie,. Zinc and titanium make it easily tolerated for everyday use as well as for those choosing active activities in the sun. Our acne and acne prone patients wear it too. Dr. Obagi sure knows skin health.

Be sure to contact the Biltmore Skin Care Center for details on Obagi.

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